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The International Association of Equestrian Education provides another venue to learn from Susie's expertise on a variety of topics!  Visit their website
http://www.IAEECONNECT.com to gain a competitive edge, regardless of your discipline!

Member of The International Association of Animal Massage & Bodywork

Palos Verdes Peninsula Horseman's Association  A non-profit organization dedicated to horse-keeping on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.  Monthly meetings are dedicated to education and information for all horse owners.

Bay Area Equestrian Network an online place to check out local events, clinics, and buy your next horse!  Get more information from the BAEN online, check it at

Southern California Equestrian Network - a great place to find, shop and learn!  Clinic Events, Classifieds and more for your horse needs!

Dr. Bill Hampton, a master of equine skeletal function and a darn good clinician


Renegade Hoof Boots for your barefoot horse!  Check their website to see cool pictures of horses doing amazing things wearing their protective boots!

Bare feet are natural feet.  Get in stride with the new ideas on barefoot trimming, visit Barefoot Trimmer Jennifer Reinke's website for more information!  Click the link below to visit Heart 'n Sole hoof care.


Find products for your equine needs! Visit Southern California Equine Directory at

Click below to see beautiful Welsh Cobs & Mountain ponies in Denmark at Oathill Stables, young stock occasionally available.  Pictured is Arthwr; Arthwr is a super mover and is for sale (Rhydgwillim Paddy x Møllegydens Julia by Hope Dafydd). He has a Danish passport, fully vaccinated, wormed and used to being trimmed regularly by farrier. He could be an excellent little showjumper. Photos of Arthwr to be found under Gallery at Oathill Stable, click link below.


Fine Equestrian Art by noted artist Vivien Rhyan