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SEE THE NEW CLINIC for lameness prevention and detection of sub-clinical issues, March 29th.

See the Clinics page for details, no cost, come and join us!

Thanks for coming to see the sports massage and stretching demonstrations at Equine Affair, it was great to see so many horse people interested in learning more about their horses wellness!  The biomechanics lecture generated some great questions, including "How can I help my horse with a degenerative condition? (Pedal Osteitis)"

We cannot change the degeneration that has occured, but we can address the tensions generated by the discomfort.  To release tensions along the topline, work the base of the neck along the upper border of the scapula into the withers area.  Continue along the spine along either side of the longissimus dorsi muscles into the sacrum.  The tops of the hindquarters, the gluteal muscles, and the hamstrings are going to be sore and tight.  Be careful when addressing these issues for the first few times until your horse is used to your touching him in this way.  To learn more about how to keep YOUR horse comfortable and happy, go to the clinics tab above to see the equine wellness seminar schedule for the first half of 2009.

Beautiful Welsh ponies to captivate your hearts and imagination!  Visit the website and gallery of Oathill Stables in Denmark to see true to type stock showing their progress through growing up and being trained.  See the links tab for a direct link to Oathill Stables.