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Horse Happenings On the Hill, May 6th, 2012 at Ernie Howlett Park Equestrian Center

Hands on Demo's, Wet Labs, Lectures, and More!!  Come learn what your horse wants you to know!  Owner's clinic for stretching, understanding your horse's point of view.


This book is a look at a lifetime of watching horses and how we as owners and caretakers impact their lives.  From silly mistakes to downright dangerous decisions, horses can be victims of circumstances outside of our control.  Take some time to read this book, it may save you thousands of dollars and possibly your horse's life.  A portion of the net proceeds go to support the development of youth horsemen and horsewomen in Southern California.  The Forward is written by Olympian Gina Miles and like her, this book is a real winner! 

The radio interview that Rocked The World!  Well, not really the world, but it was very fun and here is the link to Stable Scoop radio, showcasing... Us and Our Book!


Did you know that virtually ALL horses have physical issues that impact their performance?  Do you want to be armed with the knowledge YOU NEED to make a difference?  Call or email to learn more!  310-488-4389 or theworthyhorse@gmail.com or susielytal@theworthyhorse.com  The POWER is in YOUR HANDS!

Find out more about how YOU can improve the life of your horse, get more out of your equine partnership and keep in touch with your horse's condition by attending the FREE clinic SERIES!  Come learn about equine movement from an expert!  Make this a priority and BE THERE!  For your horse and you!

Topics for the clinics given by Susie at the Horse Happenings on the Hill will include: "How to have a Conversation with your Horse - an introduction to finding trigger points", "Proper saddle fit and placement", "Equistix - a tool for the horse owner to maintain physical wellness"

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*In the absence of clearly defined goals,we become strangely loyal to
performing daily trivia until we become enslaved by it.*

~Robert Hunlein 1907-1988
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FREE Saddle fit: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Does my saddle fit? A tutorial to assist you!  Information Copyright Susie Lytal, MS

This dichotomous key is useful as a general flow chart procedure to get you through your saddle fit examination.  It is not meant to be a replacement for knowledgeable and experienced professionals that are able to assist you with your situation!

1A. performance is optimal, no pain upon palpation (2A)

1B. performance is sub-standard, pain is observed after riding (2B)


2A. saddle fit is sufficient, reassess in six months.

2B.  remove saddle, check movement without tack

                Free moving, assess saddle (3A)

                Movement is still impaired, call your vet


3A.  inspect saddle panels and tree shape
                Saddle panels are lumpy, have a saddler reflock panels (English) or assess quality of tree (Western); Note that if the panels are foam rubber they cannot be altered, thus defects that impact the interface of the horses back and saddle cannot be changed = new saddle required

                Saddle panels are not lumpy but tree is too narrow or too wide.  Adjustable gullet saddle (English)  4A

                Saddle tree is the right shape, check length of tree 4B


4A. using a wither tracing, determine optimal tree width and alter accordingly (5A)

4B. length of tree is not adjustable, determine seat size for rider and make allowances for the functional length of horse’s back.


5A. does horse move freely? Yes, go to 2A. No, go to 3A.


Copyright by Susie Lytal, MS 2011.

Palos Verdes Peninsula Horseman's Association

This is an important group for equine activities in the Palos Verdes area.  Let's stay united to keep our horse community strong!  Join today, it is a valuable resource for all horse owners and horse lovers!  pvpha.org

For those interested in demonstrations, talks, and fund raisers, contact me directly by phone at 310-488-4389 to discuss your needs and how I can help!

I am the horse's servant.  I am here to help them achieve a higher level of wellness, to educate their owners and riders, to improve their day to day life so they may have a richer relationship with the people around them.  I am here to help horses.  Let me help your horse too.


Susie’s approach to bodywork is based upon a fundamental understanding of how the horse interacts with its environment and task requirements.  Biomechanical analysis provides the foundation of skeletal balancing, where mechanical restrictions that lead to muscular compensations are identified and alleviated, bringing the body back to balance and normal function is restored or maintained. 

Susie states "Sharing this information is paramount to my work as a practitioner, as I believe in the dissemination of knowledge to further the good of all equines, from the elite athlete to the retired companion."

From race horses to leadline ponies, massage therapy done by a qualified professional gives you an unparalleled level of information.  Proper bodywork can restore or maintain your horse's ability to function normally by alleviating stresses that negatively impact biomechanics.  Working closely with veterinarians and hoof care professionals, Susie has helped many horses avoid potentially catastrophic or career ending injuries.

NEXT FREE EVENT July 17th in Rolling Hills Estates.  Improving performance for FREE with just the tools you already have!  Well, finally a practitioner that is willing to share, WANTS to share the information to help you help your horse!  Please come and learn!  Want to bring your horse?  Call to reserve one of the limited spaces for hands on learning with YOUR horse!       310-488-4389

"Ask often, expect little, praise generously." Col. Alois Podhajsky

Are you desiring more out of your relationship with your horse?  Then learn more!

Check our clinic schedule! Become e
mpowered, save money and possibly save your horse.  More value from your relationship means a higher level of understanding of all horses!

Learning simple palpation and massage techniques can detect a sub-clinical problem before your horse has been severely affected!  You can learn to check your horse's back, legs, neck and more for issues or potential problems.  Learn what is a problem, what is normal, what does it mean??  Take this information to heart, your horse will love you for it!

Susie Lytal first was drawn to horses as a horse lover, then as an owner, a healer, and then a scientist to bring equine wellness to the forefront of our industry through hands on healing and information to those charged with care of a horse.

With over a decade of experience doing bodywork on thousands of horses, Susie is a practitioner with the insight to make a difference.  

The Worthy Horse equine bodywork was established in 1995 by Susie Huber-Lytal, MS.  As an equine wellness consultant, a comprehensive evaluation of the entire spectrum of your horse's health and physical condition are integrated into a program that allows the well horse within to shine!  Removing the physical barriers to well movement and healthy daily routine allows your horse to bloom and fulfill his potential.